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 Welcome to the Weavers Guild website

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The Lexington Weavers' Guild strives to stimulate interest in handweaving in the general community of weavers, near and afar. At all times Lexington weavers aim for as high a standard as is possible.

Membership in the Lexington Weavers' Guild affords one the opportunity to work weekly with other weavers on looms and with fibers owned by the Lexington Weavers' Guild. This shared time occurs on Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the studio at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society. Here, weavers, ranging from    those with a basic knowledge to very experienced, learn from one another, share ideas, seek solutions to problems, and may participate in Guild-sponsored workshops. The Guild members lunch together, and a business meeting usually follows lunch.

Guild members pay the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society annual membership of $160 and the Guild annual membership of $5. In addition, each member is responsible for weaving articles worth $75 or more (using Guild looms and fibers) for the Society Annual Fair,  proceeds of which help to meet the budget of the Society as a whole.


We invite you to join us!

Contact us at 781-862-9696